Finally a bit of time to do some updates! So what’s been happening?

We installed a 200A 3-phase Voltage Optimiser for J. Pieroni & Sons . The unit (the white box in the picture) looks simple enough but it should deliver savings of £4,000 every year.

It does this by reducing the incoming voltage to the building. Through a one week power survey and electricity bills we identified that the average incoming voltage was 243V and annual consumption is around 400,000kWh. Our Voltage Optimiser reduces the voltage to the optimum that Pieroni’s equipment is designed to run at (220V) and there we having our savings.

Using good old Ohms law if Power = Voltage x Current, then if 243V x 1A = 243 Watts of power, by reducing the voltage to 220V, 1A of power is 220W. That’s a saving of around 9%.

The above calculation is a generalisation but you get the idea. The best savings come from instances where motors and inductive loads (such as refrigeration) are the major consumer of electricity so Pieronis stand to make great savings.