Family Home in Troon


Troon, Ayrshire
Estimated Annual SAP Production: 2837.86 kWh
Estimated ROI: 8 years
Actual Annual Production: 3380 kWh
Install Date: 23/06/14

Environmental Impact
Annual CO2 Savings: 1215 kg

System Size: 3.924 kWp
Panel Model: Sunpower E20 327W
Inverter Model: SolarEdge SE4000-16A

The Project

Mr and Mrs Latter were keen to utilise solar for their family home in Troon to reduce their electricity bill and provide long-term savings.

Having limited roof space, some shading, rosemary tiles and different roof orientations were some of the main challenges we needed to address in order to design the perfect solar PV system for their home.

Sunpower panels were selected due to their superior performance, warranty and durability (especially in salt-mist environments in coastal areas) and maximising power for the area of roof space.

SolarEdge power optimisers were selected to minimise the impact of shading and to deal with the different roof orientations.
Schletter with Hookstop tiles ( were used
to mount the system and protect the rosemary tiles.

The Result

A fantastic, high performance solar PV system which is outperforming the SAP calculations by nearly 20% every year.

Customer Quote:

“First class fitting and service – I had a solar pv system fitted and it’s been installed now for over a year and never once have I had a problem with it or has the system not worked. The production of the system is far higher than the SAP values and has proven to be a very good system at the price it was installed at.”




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October 31, 2016