The Ceiba Renewables Way

Ceiba Renewables LtdThe Ceiba Renewables Way is a set of values that describes our philosophy and approach to business, these are:

Professionalism, Teamwork, Excellence, Client Focus, Commitment to Clean Energy, Environment and Society


Ceiba’s goal is to demonstrate respect, courtesy, honesty, integrity and responsibility in our dealings with colleagues, clients, partners, collaborators and competitors. Our level of professionalism is constant regardless of circumstance. In fact, challenging circumstances reveal the depth and strength of our professionalism.


Teamwork drives Ceiba’s success. We are an interdependent organisation that constantly seeks ways to improve teamwork through communication, cooperation and collaboration. We value the relationships with our sub-contractors who are essentially part of the Ceiba Renewables team, they understand the level of quality we expect for our customers and a Ceiba Renewables team member is always on site during installation to ensure projects run smoothly.


We strive for excellence in everything we do as people and as a company. Our mission can only be fulfilled by providing the highest quality products and services. Furthermore, excellence is a passion.

Client Focus

Client focus is central to the Ceiba Renewables Way. By constantly asking the question “what is in our clients’ best interests” we are geared towards providing the best solutions for them. Additionally, providing top notch customer service is a key component of Client Focus, and it is vital to the success of our company.

Commitment to Clean Energy, Environment and Society

We live in a world where our resources are finite and the short-term economic and political models we have used over the past century are proving to be outdated by putting our biosphere and therefore our future at extreme risk.

CO2 emissions and global warming are just one part of the picture, there are of course other key issues such as pollution, acidification of the oceans, poverty, industrialisation of the countryside, destruction of habitats, toxic waste and more. All of these issues are linked and are dependent on how individually, collectively and as businesses, we choose to source our goods and operate.

While fossil fuels have driven development over the last century they have also had many negative impacts such as pollution, destruction of environments and huge CO2 emissions. The tipping point of cost-benefit has been well exceeded by fossil fuels and it is now urgent for our global society to advance to using clean energy. Our commitment to the clean energy revolution is one that puts environment as our number 1 priority.

Unlike the traditional business model, where profit is the number 1 goal, we don’t believe in “profit at all costs” which has led us into the situation we currently find ourselves in – unending wars, destruction of the biosphere, mass extinction of species, pollution, poverty, etc, etc. At Ceiba Renewables we believe in turning the traditional business model on its head and putting environment at the top of our priorities…

1. Environment
2. Society/People
3. Economy/Jobs
4. Profit

Our commitment to this business model will:

  • ensure we carefully select our suppliers for their quality in order to avoid the false economy of being the cheapest on price but then risking lower performance and higher maintenance/replacement costs as a result.
  • reduce waste and energy consumption by installing systems that are designed to last
  • ensure honesty – that we only install a clean energy solution when there is a clear benefit for the customer (for example, a property that is shaded for much of the year by buildings or trees is not a good place for a solar investment)
  • minimise negative impacts on the environment and people by ensuring that we source all of our products as sustainably as possible and encourage our partners/suppliers to have a serious environmental commitment – for example, Sunpower have a fantastic Cradle-2-Cradle certification meaning that their solar panels are built as sustainably as the energy they produce and are 100% recyclable at the end of their 40-50 year lifespan.
  • ensure that we don’t destroy habitats and the environment in the name of “clean energy”
  • deliver long-term profit, for our business, for the environment and society.