Solar PV Maintenance & Repair

Solar PV Maintenance & RepairHaving been in business since 2008, Ceiba Renewables solar engineers are often called out to inspect customer’s solar systems whose installers have gone out of business. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of solar PV installations and often our team find that the system has been poorly designed and could be producing much more power than it is currently doing so.

Ceiba Renewables offer a comprehensive solar maintenance and repair service for customers. If your system is no longer covered by its warranty, or the company who installed it is no longer in business, we can provide a full assessment and carry out the required works to get your system working to its maximum potential.

Whether it’s a faulty inverter, damaged or faulty panels or roof components or another issue relating to your solar PV system, we can help fix these issues. We can also offer an annual maintenance “health check” for your system which gives you the peace of mind your system’s performing as it should year upon year.

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