Residential Ground Mounted Solar PV with Tesla Powerwall


12.75 kWp ground-mounted Solar PV Project + 2x Tesla Powerwall + Zappi EV charger

Mr Davies is very keen to use solar energy for his house. Since there is available ground space around the house, we suggested a ground-mounted system to avoid making any changes to his beautiful house and he loves the idea.

We used 30 SunPower Maxeon 6 425Wp panels with built-in Enphase microinverters as it minimises the space required for other components (i.e inverter) to be installed in the house. He also added two Tesla Powerwall and a Zappi EV charger to use more of the energy that the system produces.

Mr Davies is now really pleased with his system. He also mentioned to us that it is generating more electricity than the predictions we provided in our initial assessments. The system is producing enough to cover all of his consumption and allows him to be more independent from the grid.

We are ecstatic when we heard the feedback from Mr Davies:

Duncan and the Ceiba Renewable team were professional from the outset. Duncan provided clear information for the sizing rationale and planning permissions and overall process. His support team did a great job of keeping us informed of delivery dates and introduced us to Alastair who completed the groundworks (we have a ground-mounted array) as we couldn’t find a suitable local supplier. Duncan quickly responded by identifying alternative panels when it became clear the supply of the original panels could be problematic. Simon and the electrical installation team were very professional and very tidy, checking with us for any queries beforehand. We were very confident to leave them to it when we had a family crisis that fell over our installation period, and we were not able to be at the house for most of the time. We are very pleased with our ground array and Tesla Powerwall.”

We also got an update from him after his second Powerwall was installed, his system has managed to satisfy all his consumption and he has not drawn any electricity from the grid.

Carradale Community Shop & Post Office


Carradale Community Shop & Post Office

Carradale, Campbeltown 

Project Finished

June 2022

Energy Production & Environmental Impact

Estimated Annual Production: 4,250 kWh 

CO2 savings: 1.1 tonnes


22 x SunPower Maxeon 3 375W All-Black Panels

2 x SMA Sunny Boy 3.6kW Inverter

1 x Tesla Powerwall 13.5kWh Battery Storage

8.25kWp On-Roof Solar PV system + 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage Project

The Chairman of Carradale Community Trust contacted us to get more information on solar PV and battery storage. Carradale Community Trust has been operating as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) for the benefit of communities within the area. Therefore, they wanted to maximise the roof space of their community shop and post office as part of their sustainable plan for the future and extend the value of their community shop.

We always want our system to run for a very long time and provide peace of mind for our customers, which is what Carradale Community Trust also wants for their shop. Following the thorough consultation with Mr Leighton, we decided on 8.25kWp Solar PV system with SunPower Maxeon 3 375W all-black with SMA inverters and Tesla Powerwall battery storage. 

The shop has just been reopened in 2021 with the support of the village and community trusts around the area. It is extremely important for them to assess the options carefully and decide on the best one for the benefit of the village and communities. The community trust ultimately appointed us to do the installation and was very impressed with the quality of products, workmanship, and services they are getting. Mr Leighton continues to provide us with great feedback. We are ecstatic that everyone is happy and everything is working well for them.


Residential In-Roof Project

5.25 kWp in-roof Solar PV Project + 2x Tesla Powerwall + Zappi EV Charger

Mr Goodman was looking to do his part for the environment and being more independent from the grid. He is now retired and would like to also have peace of mind in terms of his future energy usage.

With the focus on delivering environmentally-friendly, long-lasting, high performance installations, CRL advised him to install a 5.25 kWp solar PV system with SunPower MAX3 375 black panels and SMA SunnyBoy 5 kW inverter to suit his energy demand. 

During site visits, we thoroughly checked condition of his roof and eventually found some issues on the rafters of his roof which required to be solved before installation. Fortunately, it was quickly handled and the panels are now successfully installed into his roof with Sunfixings in-roof system. It looks aesthetically pleasing with the all black solar panels as it also matched well with his slates. 

He also added two Tesla Powerwalls battery storage into his system to store excess energy production and fulfil his energy demand even during night time or a power cut. The full system provide a potential for him to be self sufficient and less affected by the energy crisis. A smart EV charger was also installed which allow him to charge his car with clean energy.

We heard that the system has been performing very well for him. It has been producing 95-97% of the expected production during sunny days. He has been really satisfied with the system as it meets his expectation. We are very excited to hear this good news and glad to be able to share his story. 

Raemoir Garden Centre


Raemoir Garden Centre

Raemoir Rd, Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Financial and Environmental Impact

Estimated Annual Production: 41.06 MWh

CO2 Savings: 11.54 tonnes


Install start : 24th May 2021

Install finish : 28th May 2021


50kWp SunPower PV system 

Panel Model: 60x SunPower Performance 3 Modules 415W COM + 78x SunPower Performance 3 Modules 320W

Inverter Model: SolarEdge 50 kW 3 Phase Inverter 

The Project

Raemoir Garden Centre is a 30 year old family business which thrives on providing high quality service and products varied between fantastic breakfast and home baked goods from their restaurant, seasonal gifts and homeware in the shop as well as plants and garden care.

Raemoir’s Director, Mr Mair has a vision to deliver a pleasant customer experience with strong commitments in supporting local communities and the environment. They decided to invest in solar PV system and contacted Ceiba Renewables to help reduce their electricity overheads.

We suggested SunPower panels to match Raemoir commitments and business model as SunPower is known for their high ethical and environmental standards on top of their superior durability, performance and warranty which also ensure a long-term peace of mind.

The Result

The solar PV system is now fully installed and performing well at Raemoir Garden Centre. It adds value to their environmental commitment along with additional financial benefits. We have heard great reviews from Mr Mair and we are excited to share their story.  

Elliot Mair, Director at Raemoir said:

“From the start of this project, we have been impressed by Duncan and his team. 

We received excellent advice and assistance on the design and technical aspects of this project and from our initial meeting to the completed installation, the efficiency and high standard of their work has been apparent. 

We are looking forward to seeing the benefits of our Solar system and working with Ceiba Renewables for many years to come.”


Mountcairn is a domestic property which has underfloor heating designed to operate at 30C. The home owner, Mr Burns, has bills for gas (heating and hot water) and electric (domestic circuits and lighting) and his aim was to become as self-sufficient as possible.

This project consists of:

21 x SunPower X22 360W panels with Solaredge power optimiser inverter system (7.56kWp)

1 x Tesla Powerwall 2 – 13.5kWh of storage

1 x Immersun immersion controller

1 x pre-heat cylinder for the Immersun to heat (up to 80C) and provide heating towards underfloor heating (UFH) system

While a PV and battery storage system is not unique, the unique part is that the solar-powered Immersun heats a pre-heat cylinder which is linked to the central heating and contributes to heating the house. Given the low operating temp of the UFH system then the solar PV will manage to not only reduce electrical consumption but gas as well. 

We will be very interested to see how much the customer saves over the course of a year and we’re hopeful it will provide a valuable case study and blueprint for well-insulated homes which have underfloor heating.

Component Features:

Solar PV – We always recommend SunPower panels to our customers because of the fantastic 25 yr product/service warranty, the long life expectancy, enhanced performance and their environmental credentials (Cradle 2 Cradle). However, Mr Burns also wanted to maximise his power output per m2 for his small(ish) roof space. Using the SunPower X22 360W modules we were able to fit 21 panels on his roof to give 7.56kWp.

Inverter – Solaredge give us great flexibility when designing a PV system and the DNO (Scottish Power) told us that we would need Export Limitation due to grid constraints in the area. The Solaredge system allows us to easily set up export limitation as well as the other beneficial features such as optimising power output from each panel.

Battery storage – Mr Burns wanted to be able to use excess solar PV power at night and so the 13.5kWh capacity of the Powerwall 2 give him this ability. In addition to the simplicity and aesthetics of the unit, he now has access to the “Advanced Time Control” feature which will allow Mr Burns to charge from off-peak and use that power at on-peak times (i.e. in winter when/if there’s not enough solar PV power to charge the battery).

Pre-heat Cylinder – The existing central heating system was designed to operate at 30C for the underfloor heating (UFH). Ignite Plumbing modified the system and installed a Pre-heat Cylinder which can be heated to 80C giving us a significant heat dump for excess solar PV power using the Immersun. Using pumps and temp. sensors, the water in the pre-heat cylinder can then either be used to heat the hot water cylinder and/or to be blended down to 30C to heat the UFH.

Immersun – The immersun is designed to divert excess solar PV power to the pre-heat cylinder once the Tesla Powerwall 2 has been charged. 

Results so Far (taken on 8/7/18):

The system was installed on 26th April 2018 so has only been running for a short period of time and during the better weather so the impact on heating is not yet fully known. However, since installing the property has been 90% self-sufficient and the solar PV has generated >2,750kWh of the estimated 6,300kWh per annum. 

Customer Feedback:

“I had been getting fed up of the rising energy costs to heat and power my home and so I got in touch with Ceiba Renewables when I realised they were a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. We discussed the various options and I was impressed with the expertise shown by Duncan. Not only is the solar PV system able to produce electricity for my home day and night but it’s able to contribute to my heating as well which is a fantastic feature that I’m delighted with.

The installation and service from Duncan and his team at Ceiba Renewables was first-class. As a business-owner myself I demand high standards for my customers and I was delighted to see that Ceiba Renewables also take this seriously. I’m really impressed by the results so far and I’m very hopeful that the system will not only make substantial savings on my electricity bill but on my heating bill as well.”