With the first year’s performance figures in, Guise Farm has produced 48,482kWh. The solar PV system, which has a production capacity of 50kWp is south-facing and utilises high quality Solarworld solar panels, was estimated to produce 43,138kWh using the government-approved SAP calculation method we give to all of our customers when predicting system performance. That’s a 12% better yield than was predicted and if that performance continues then Guise Farm will see their ROI cut to 6 years.

Duncan Crosthwaite, from Ceiba Renewables said of the Guise Farm performance figures, “It’s great to see the performance exceed the SAP calculations. As with all of the Solarworld and Sunpower PV systems we’ve installed, not only are we confident that they will continue to exceed the SAP calculations now but because of the quality of these PV systems they will continue to outperform the SAP estimates well into the future.

The performance figures are particularly useful to those considering to invest in solar PV as it gives customers a clear indication that the PV system will perform better than what is stated in the estimates.”

Guise Farm 50kWp Solar PV System