Having just won their first job using Enphase micro inverters, Ceiba Renewables can’t wait to install them at their client’s home in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire. Ceiba’s project manager for the job said, “Our client has significant shading issues where shading throughout the day affects different parts of the roof. Traditionally we would have advised that a solar PV system was unsuitable for this roof however, the micro inverters will ensure that this shading has a minimal impact enabling each individual solar panel to perform to its optimum when the sun hits it.” In addition to this, Enphase’s “Enlighten” monitoring system (which comes FREE with every install)  means that the performance data is uploaded to the ‘net so Ceiba & their client can monitor performance all year round. “We’re very excited to add this technology to our portfolio” said Duncan Crosthwaite of Ceiba Renewables Ltd.