Residential Ground Mounted Solar PV with Tesla Powerwall


12.75 kWp ground-mounted Solar PV Project + 2x Tesla Powerwall + Zappi EV charger

Mr Davies is very keen to use solar energy for his house. Since there is available ground space around the house, we suggested a ground-mounted system to avoid making any changes to his beautiful house and he loves the idea.

We used 30 SunPower Maxeon 6 425Wp panels with built-in Enphase microinverters as it minimises the space required for other components (i.e inverter) to be installed in the house. He also added two Tesla Powerwall and a Zappi EV charger to use more of the energy that the system produces.

Mr Davies is now really pleased with his system. He also mentioned to us that it is generating more electricity than the predictions we provided in our initial assessments. The system is producing enough to cover all of his consumption and allows him to be more independent from the grid.

We are ecstatic when we heard the feedback from Mr Davies:

Duncan and the Ceiba Renewable team were professional from the outset. Duncan provided clear information for the sizing rationale and planning permissions and overall process. His support team did a great job of keeping us informed of delivery dates and introduced us to Alastair who completed the groundworks (we have a ground-mounted array) as we couldn’t find a suitable local supplier. Duncan quickly responded by identifying alternative panels when it became clear the supply of the original panels could be problematic. Simon and the electrical installation team were very professional and very tidy, checking with us for any queries beforehand. We were very confident to leave them to it when we had a family crisis that fell over our installation period, and we were not able to be at the house for most of the time. We are very pleased with our ground array and Tesla Powerwall.”

We also got an update from him after his second Powerwall was installed, his system has managed to satisfy all his consumption and he has not drawn any electricity from the grid.


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July 7, 2023