Simon is the ultimate role model you’d want by your side come rain or shine! He is that dependable friend who’s always got your back, no matter what the weather or global chaos throws at you. His teammates can vouch for his unwavering support and reliability – he’s the glue that holds the team together! You can count on him to brighten your day with his infectious positivity and willingness to lend a helping hand.

Engineering Manager

Experience in the field

  • With Ceiba Renewables: 4 years
  • Certifications: Approved installer for City&Guild Solar PV, Tesla and MyEnergi, EngTech (TMIET), FdEng and 18th Edition (A2)

What did you do before?

I spent 31 years in the Royal Navy (Submarines) as an Electrical Engineer and Navigation Supervisor. Also, I worked for 18 months as an installation and repair electrician with Mondial Lighting & Halls of Scotland (multi-skilled engineer).

Motivations to join Ceiba Renewables?

Always had an interest in renewables and Ceiba was a perfect fit for me due to the Company’s Mission and Culture.

What do you like about Ceiba?

I enjoy the culture within Ceiba, working here feels more like a Family than a workplace.

What I Like Most About My Job

I really like the fact we only use a small number of equipment suppliers, allowing us to become subject matter experts on the equipment that we install and maintain.

Why Choose Ceiba Renewables?

Fun, relaxed atmosphere whilst still maintaining a professional outlook. A superb place to work, with full support for personal development and a helpful attitude from everyone within the business.

Fun facts

My favourite quote:

“Never trust a Man who, if left on his own in a room with a tea-cosy, doesn’t try it on!”