Meet Katie, who is like a ‘coffee in the morning’ bringing a splash of happiness and energy wherever she goes. She’s not just a people person; she’s the heartbeat of the team, spreading joy and laughter like confetti. 🎉 Together with another colleague (Simon), she becomes a ‘live entertainment’. If you ever need a break from reality and a dose of positivity, Katie is your go-to gal at Ceiba!

Executive Assistant to CEO

Experience in the field

  • With Ceiba Renewables: 3 months
  • Owns: BA Business Law and Management Science from Strathclyde University

What did you do before?

After finishing my degree, I started working in hospitality and quickly worked my way up to management, G.M. and Partner, and remained there until my daughter was born. After maternity leave, I became a PA and office manager for a start-up FinTech company in Glasgow – Exizent – and adjusted my skills in project planning and scaling up to form a team of 3 to 50. I was lucky enough to take some time off between Exizent and starting with Ceiba to develop a small charcuterie business in and around my hometown of Loch Lomond. My skills and passion have always settled around people, organisation, goal setting and strategic project management.

Motivations to join Ceiba Renewables?

Mainly the culture and strategic collaboration that has been apparent from day 1 in the position. There is so much potential in terms of process definition and scaling up, which is massively exciting to be involved in. The team is wonderful and diverse which was hugely appealing, and the support which has been shown over the past 3 months has been tremendous.

What do you like about Ceiba?

Everything so far. Every day brings a different challenge and makes me think about how our processes can be developed and strengthened. The team is incredibly collaborative, and it is a super trusting and dynamic environment for discussion and creation.

What I Like Most About My Job

I always look forward to coming into the office. Whilst I’m fortunate to be able to work in a hybrid capacity, I love the office environment and the support surrounding our team. I love feeling useful to others and being able to problem-solve effectively within the group. We are a part of such a (relatively) new and exciting sector of business and every day I learn something new.

Why Choose Ceiba Renewables?

You will be entering into a super supportive and collaborative environment within a sector of the business that is exciting and ever-changing. This is just the start of Ceiba’s scale-up, and the sky is the limit. We look for innovative and creative minds who are passionate about their position and committed to doing the right thing.

Fun facts

I love llamas, great white sharks and Freddie Mercury and our dog’s full name is Mr Fidel Van Winkleman-Walls. My husband was not very pleased when I registered Fidel’s full name at the vet 😅.