Let me introduce you to Douglas – he’s a really cheerful and determined guy who’s always eager to learn and develop his skills. People describe him as polite, kind and super-focused on getting things done. He’s a real gentleman with a calm and friendly approach, and he’s always happy to lend a helping hand whenever he can.

Installing Team


Experience in the field

  • With Ceiba Renewables: 8 months
  • Studying now: Level 2 after finishing 2392 and the 18th edition certification
  • Certifications: Solar Edge, Enphase and Tesla Installer
  • Completion: BPEC course with training in battery storage On-going: EV charging course.
  • Owns: Level 3 Nuclear Submarine Engineering Systems qualification from military service.

What did you do before?

Before Ceiba, I was a warfare Submariner for 7 years before moving into recruitment for a short time, during this time I wanted to be able to have energy security and save money on my bills, I had an electric car already and started to look into solar and battery storage. Through my research, I realised this is something that I would like to do and help others achieve similar monthly savings.

Motivations to join

I found Ceiba at the CTP event in 2022 and stayed in contact with Duncan giving me a call when I was just about to sit my testing and inspection exam, I had a couple of interviews when back in Scotland and ended up joining the company shortly after. I liked that Ceiba used the manufacturers that had used on my own property along with their ethos of striving for a cleaner better future.

What do you like about Ceiba?

I like travelling to different locations and installing familiar equipment. Whenever there are changes in our design process, we make sure to stay up to date with MCS and regulations. I like working with people who all have a similar interest and on the installations side, I work with people from similar backgrounds, although with some small differences. Also, Ceiba as an employer is very supportive of all the employees’ wants and needs.

What I Like Most About My Job

The thing I find most fulfilling is installing a system that I know from my own personal experience works and provides energy security for the household. I like the idea of people being able to save money on their bills (after the payback period it will generate money).

Why Choose Ceiba Renewables?

Ceiba has funded courses such as Solar and Renewables to improve our work. We also have team-building periods like last year’s quad biking and canyoning in Pitlochry.

Fun facts

I’m taking up drums again along with my 2 year old son.